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Re^7: Status of Debian Policy

> > Right, but typing xxx.html.gz will work! We can write a litte sed script  
> > to change the links from xxx.html to xxx.html.gz inside the documents.
> What do the popular http daemons do about this?  I think a good solution
> would be:
> For every .html request that comes in (or perhaps for any request in
> general), look for a file fitting the traditional spec.
> If that fails, look for a .gz version of that file in the same directory.
> If that fails, return the usual 404 error.
> Does anything already implement this?  If not, why not?

boa support this. it even decompress on the .gz file on the fly.
I just tryed to access http://localhost/doc/HOWTO/INFO-SHEET and
it works!

boa is also very small and really fast. i think should be the default
httpd of choice for a small debian system.

just my oppinion,

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