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Re: Problem with tcpdump in 1.2.17

On 7 Jun 1997, Guy Maor wrote:

> I made a 1.2.18 to fix this.

The info in the new Packages file lists libpcap0 as being in net and
libpcap-dev as being in devel, which is fine, but a dpkg --info on the
libpcap0 file itself reports its section as "libs", which doesn't exist in
rex.  Is this a problem?  It probably isn't for people who use dpkg by hand
to install, but I don't know enough about dselect to guess whether it would
be a problem for people who use it.

Also, the inclusion of libpcap-dev isn't mentioned in the ChangeLog, so I
didn't fetch it.  It was only after I looked in Packages.gz that I knew it
was there.

G. Branden Robinson
Purdue University

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