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Re: Packaging questions regarding plan

(I'm on debian-devel, no need to Cc:)

On Sun, Jun 22 1997 15:11 EDT "Colin R. Telmer" writes:
> Given this, using chmod to set user or group ID on execution(s) is
> useless. It will always run as the uid hardwired in. 
> The previous maintainer of plan (Christoph Lameter) had a
> postinst that created a system user called netplan and then installed the
> netplan executable with userid netplan so that when netplan was started at
> boot, it ran as user netplan. This version of plan will not allow that do
> to the hardwiring above. To my knowledge, there are two ways to get around
> this:
> 1) Use an existing uid and gid from the already defined ones in the base
>    system.
> 2) Create a new system user called netplan using specified uid and gid and
>    then also use this uid and gid to hardwire in during compilation. Here
>    I would assume that I need to contact the base-system maintainer and
>    ask for a new uid/gid combination as in the policy manual.
> What should I do? 

I personally would swallow the bitter pill and ask the base-system maintainer
for a specific uid (eventually gid too) for netplan (solution 2).
[I still don't understand the motivation behind the hard-wiring of the UIDs; it
 is IMNSHO a bit of paranoid (I mean, nobody would want to run netplan suid
 root, would one?)]


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