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Re: RfD: Debian is not randomly installing services

In message <19970630140857.22781@lotte.sax.de>, writes:
  >If the questions aren't of _vitally_ interest for the install process,
  >they could be postponed.  As well as all more or less important messages
  >during the configuration process.  It's often a bit too fast as these
  >messages scroll off the screen.
  >I'd like to have an (almost) ``unattended'' installation process.
  >Probably by having an option to d*whatever, saying that I don't like any
  >changes on config files and that I'd like to have no further changes 
  >(a la the various *config scripts) done.   
  >As a result of such (or of every) install/update I'd like to have
  >a directory with all the ``unsupressable'' messages in.  These 
  >messages should be there _only_ if _really_ neccessary.  And they should
  >point to the steps to enable services/configure (like `smailconfig'
  >and the like) etc, just like the current
  >scrolling ones do.

I should like to see all messages indicating that some action needs to be
taken or that some important thing has happened stored in a log file.  Last
time I installed, I started by scripting the entire session.  Then I had
to go back and reinstall things, and forgot to script the second run, so
I don't have much idea of what I have missed - there's too much to keep
track of at such a time.  

We should keep all such messages indefinitely; the sysadmin should delete
them when they have been dealt with.
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