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Re: top and window resizing

On Wed, 4 Jun 1997, Sam Ockman wrote:

| Sure...
| Start with an 80x24 xterm...
| Run top...everything works fine...

| Grab corner...expand to 80x32...everything still works...number of lines
| shown expands...


| Grab corner...expand to 90x32....length of lines shown stays 80 (but
| note...if I restart and expand from 80 to 90 as my first operation, the
| line expands on any subsequent expansion of xterm, line lengths stay the
| same...)


| Go from 90x32 to 90x25...works okay...

No.  It starts at the top, and outputs (I assume) 32 lines, scrolling the
top of top, as it were, out of the window.

| Expand back to 90x32....first shows a few lines from scroll back buffer,
| then redraws and shows 25 lines only.
| Anyone else able to reproduce this behavior?

I get the same behaviour with rxvt as well.

| top -v says procps version 1.11

~$ top -v
procps version 1.11
| dpkg -l on procps says 1.11.6

ii  procps          1.11.6         The /proc file system utilities.

Is it possible that it is a bug in rxvt or xterm?  Seems dubious, but I
surely don't know.

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