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Re: packages.debian.org & qmail (was Re: Using CVS for package development)

On Fri, 30 May 1997, Philip Hands wrote:

> What were you trying to achieve ? --- it might be simpler than you think.
> I just discovered that most of my alias handling under qmail was drivel, and 
> could be dome much more simply.
> > If someone wants to spend some time on a simple mailer hack, you can
> > make this work. 
> If you want mail to, for instance:
>   rsync@packages.debian.org

IIRC you can also alias an entire domain (packages.debian.org) to one user
(how lists.debian.org is currently done). So rsync@packages.debian.org
gets translated to, say bruce-packages-rsync.

Then, ~bruce/.qmail-packages will execute a script to process it, or you
can have .qmail-packages files for each pkg if you are worried about

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