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Re: Summary of the html/info/webserver/whatever mess

On Sun, 29 Jun 1997, Christian Meder wrote:

> [to Christian Schwarz: Sorry, that I brought the topic up again without
> proposing better paragraphs, will try to work on a proposal in the
> coming week] 

Sorry, to be so rude, but this summary does not bring us forward. Some of
your "facts" are simply not valid (e.g., we are _not_ discussing which
documentation format we use, though a few people think that we are). 

I think we also have reached a consensus about lots of the other points,
for example, in which packages to include the docs.

The last thing that has to be decided now, is whether the HTML files can
be installed gezipped, or not. Please check my other mail here (will be
sent in a few minutes) for reference.



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