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RFC: Virtual Package Name List (was bug #10676)


Hi folks!

On Wed, 18 Jun 1997, Igor Grobman wrote (cf. bug #10676):

> Package: debian-policy
> Version:
> X11R6 virtual package is not marked obsolete in virtual packages list.  I
> got bitten by this one when packaging dotfile generator.  I suspect there
> are some more unmarked virtual packages there, because only one package is
> marked obsolete.

Oops! Thanks for pointing that out! I had just had a look at the complete
list and discovered lots of obsolete virtual packages. Thus, I want to
revise the whole list now.

Is it true, that the following virtual packages MAY NOT be used anymore?

X11R5                   XFree86 R5, including base system (obsolete)
xR5shlib                XFree86 R5 shared library only
X11R6                   XFree86 R6, including base system
xR6shlib                XFree86 R6 shared library only
xlibraries              XFree86 R6 shared library or stub library

These packages are not being used currently. I suggest to remove this from
the list: 

compress                Anything that provides a true BSD compress command
sgmls                   An SGML parser which produces output compatible
                        with James Clark's sgmls and nsgmls parsers

There are now a packages called "emacs" and "inews". Thus, I suggest to
remove these entries:

emacs                   Anything that provides the emacs editor
inews                   /usr/bin/inews - local or remote news poster

There is a virtual package "imap-client" which is "suggested" by imap-4
(Suggests: pine | imap-client) but no package seems to provide it. Thus, I
suggest to remove this entry, too:

imap-client             Any mail reader capable of accessing remote mail
                        folders using the IMAP protocol (e.g. Pine)

I'd also like to remove the following, IMHO obsolete section:

	Names of superseded packages Provided by the current ones:
	gs_x, gs_svga, gs_both  Provided by Ghostscript (gs).  Use gs.
	xpmR6                   Provided by xpm.  Use xpm.

So here is how the whole list would look like:

X Windows:
- ----------
xserver                 Any X server (used by other X packages)

- --------------
libc.so.4               An a.out shared C library, version 4.x.x.
info-browser            Something that can browser GNU Info files
kernel-source           Kernel source code
kernel-headers          Kernel header files (<linux/*.h>, <asm/*.h>)
kernel-image            Kernel image (vmlinuz, System.map, modules)
httpd                   Any HTTP server
postscript-viewer       Anything that can display Postscript files
postscript-preview      Any preprocessor that creates Postscript output
www-browser             Something that can browse html files
awk                     Anything providing suitable /usr/bin/{awk,nawk}
c-shell                 Anything providing a suitable /usr/bin/csh
pdf-viewer              Anything that can display PDF files
pdf-preview             Any preprocessor that creates PDF output
wordlist                Anything that provides /usr/dict/words
dotfile-module          Anything that provides a module for the
                        Dotfile Generator
ups-monitor             Anything that is capable of controlling an UPS
tcl-interpreter         Anything that provides /usr/bin/tclsh
tk-interpreter          Anything that provides /usr/bin/wish

News and Mail:
- --------------
mail-transport-agent    Mail transport agents (Smail, Sendmail, &c)
mail-reader             Mail user agents (Pine, Elm, mailx, &c)
news-transport-system   Local news system (INN, C News or B News)
news-reader             Any news reader (trn, tin, &c)
pgp                     A version of PGP (International or US)
imap-server             Any IMAP mail server

- ----------------------

The following packages seem to be wrong:

	ucbmpeg_play (2.3_patched-2)     Recommends: X11R6
	ucbmpeg (1r2-2)		 	 Recommends: X11R6

And what about "xcompat"?

	Package: xcompat
	Provides: X11R5, xr5shlib, aout-x11r6lib, X11R6

- ----------------------

Please tell me what you think of it. If there are no objections, these
changes will be incorporated into the next release of the Policy Manual.



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