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Re: Packaging questions regarding plan

On Tue, 24 Jun 1997, Erik B. Andersen wrote:

> The reason we need virtual packages is so that we can allow people who
> (like myself) have gone out and bought real Motif to use it on Debian.
> I would be glad to throw away my Motif CD, and only use Lesstif.  Last
> time I tried compiling Nedit against lesstif, the results were almost
> usable, but still disappointing.  I am getting a new computer (K6-200)
> to replace my old 486, and I plan on compiling Nedit against the latest
> Lesstif again.  If it works, i will upload it (and we can get it out of
> contrib).  I still plan on compiling a statically linked version against
> REAL Motif though (for those who want everything to work perfectly).
> I don't believe Lesstif is quite ready for primetime.  Regardless, since
> there are two versions of Motif, with different Library names that are
> not compatable (sure, you can recompile but they are not binary compatable),
> we need both motif12 and motif20 virtual packages.  Lesstif should be
> modified to provide motif12.  For other people that have commercial Motif,
> we need to have TWO motif dummy packages.  Or one that provides both
> virtual packages... 

This is exactly what Dirk and I were talking about, but I am unclear about
one thing. I realise motif20 stuff won't run with motif12 stuff but will a
binary that is dynamically compiled against lesstif run if only Motif 1.2
is installed? In other words, I still see the use of having virtual
motif12 and motif20 packages for any of the dmotif programs, but can
lesstif use the motif12 vitual package also? I assume that it should, but
I don't know for sure. Cheers, Colin.

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