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Re: problem with /proc info

At 06:54 PM 9/06/97 +0200, Helmut Geyer wrote:
>Ganz einfach!
>Im Gegnsatz zu fruehen Linux-versionen (unter 1.2) ist
>MemShared _nicht_ der physikalische Speicher, der von
>Seiten belegt wird, die "shared" sind, sondern der
>Speicher der Durch das "sharen" gespart wird.
>in arch/i386/mm/init.c wird in si_meminfo
>fuer jede Seite einfach pagesize*(pagecount-1)
>zur Summe addiert. Wenn man dort folgenden Patch einfuegt,
>bekommst Du das, was Du willst:
>  val->sharedram += mem_map[i].count - 1;
>folgendes einfuegen:
>  if (mem_map[i].count>1) val->sharedram ++;
>  (fuer 2.1 bitte noch atomic_reads einfuegen).
>  	Helmut

While I can figure out what the solution you're giving here is (no, I don't
know any other language except english), I'm sure that there are a lot of
people out there that think that there's a lot of spelling mistakes in your
message - so much so that it seems unreadable :-)

Can we make some sort of policy about which preferred language we should
use on Debian mailing lists?  With respect to others who have this ability,
I think that the most common language used in the Debian mailing lists
should be chosen, at least, when replies are sent to the list.


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