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Re: RfD: Debian is not randomly installing services

Christian Schwarz writes:

> > > The situation looks completely different if the server has its own
> > > package, like `msqld' for the server and `msql' for the client.
> > 
> > Not really -- the user should still be prompted (or have some control
> > over it) because the daemon package probably contains the
> > *documentation* for the daemon!  I should be able to install a package
> > in order to read the docs, and not have to run it...
> Seconded.
> However, we should probably distinguish between "local daemons" and
> "network daemons". I think it is pretty safe to start "lpd" on every
> machine, since the default configuration would not accept queries from
> foreign hosts. If I install the "lpd" package, I would not like to be
> asked whether this daemon should be started!

Really?  I haven't noticed that there is a switch at lpd similar to
'-r' on syslogd.  Nevertheless, even local daemon can cause security
problems and if the user doesn't need it why should that daemon be

I could live with your addition but I would like to be prompted,



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