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Re: Postgres95/PostgreSQL

John Goerzen wrote:
> Back in March, Siggy had indicated that he would be taking over
> PostgreSQL development (the Postgres95 package currently in Debian is
> now very out-of-date).  I e-mailed him about this and got no response.

Back on May 7, Siggy posted the following:
> Hi all,
> after losing almost everything (including backup tapes) in a house fire
> on April 2, I finally I find the time to read my email on a friend's
> machine. With a backlog of more than 7000 messages I can answer only
> to the most urgent ones.
> As things are going, I will need another 2 weeks before being able to
> work on Debian again - too late for the release I assume.
> If there are urgent changes pending, will anybody kindly upload a
> non-maintainer release for the following packages:
> 	postgres95
> 	mgetty
> 	hwtools
> 	linux86
> Thanks
>   Siggy

So it looks like he's probably still recovering his system....

> So...is anybody out there planning to take over PostgreSQL?  If not, I
> can take a look at it.  If it will require a tremendous amount of
> time, I probably won't be able to do it; otherwise, I can give it a
> try.

That would be great.  I really need it here too.  I even sent an e-mail
message to Emanuele Pucciarelli (who's listed as the previous maintainer)
saying I'd be willing to take it over.  Of course, I'd rather not do
that, since it's a pretty large package, and would take quite a bit
of effort.

PostgreSQL 6.1 should be coming out in a few days.  It looks good.  :-)


 - Jim

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