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Re^2: End of Documentation Discussion

Am 27.06.97 schrieb jgoerzen # complete.org ...

Moin John!

JG>    better.  And, keep in mind that TeX and SGML/LinuxDoc can be
JG>    converted to HTML on-the-fly if somebody writes a simple CGI
JG>    program.

That's not true. You can't convert TeX or SGML on-the-fly, because the  
converters produce a lot of errors. And latex2html produces very high load  
on the machine.

JG>  * HTML cannot be easily printed.  Things get split about into many
JG>    files, there is no printed index, page numbers, etc.

That's right, but we are talking about an online help system, aren't we?

JG>  * HTML is not easily searchable at this time.  At best, you can
JG>    search the current page.  Otherwise, you have to allocate lots of
JG>    disk space to some sort of index.

Please test my dhelp at


JG>    work to do.  So Lynx was removed.  Other cases where this has

You can install a restricted version of lynx (option anonymous).

JG>  * DVI format.  It can be converted to HTML (I think...) and plain
JG>    text on-the-fly.  It can also be converted to PostScript and

No, there's no dvi2html convert. And such converter is nearly impossible  
to write because the DVI format doesn't contain information about the  
document structure.

JG>    I believe that there are also LinuxDoc to Info converters as
JG>    well as LinuxDoc to Manpage converters, but I could be mistaken.

That's right.

cu, Marco

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