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Re^2: fixhrefgz - tool for converting anchors to gzipped files

Am 28.06.97 schrieb clameter # waterf.org ...

Moin Christoph!

CL> It will still serve the .html file (now uncompressed) containing .html.gz
CL> links which are not understood by web-servers outside of the Debian realm.

Maybe we could use the following:

1.) Change the links inside the documents to .html.gz (offline) to
    allow browsing the documents without a WWW server.
2.) Tell the WWW servers to uncompress .html.gz files on-the-fly
    if the browser request .html.gz files. The server delivers
    the uncompress file with MIME type text/html with the filename

          browser                       server
          -------                       ------
          req. foo.html.gz  ->
                                        <- please req. foo.html
          req. foo.html ->
                                        <- uncompress foo.html.gz
                                           on-the-fly, send it
                                           as text/html

I think this should be possible using the apache's Redirect feature.

cu, Marco

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