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Re: points on future installation disks development

On 9 Jun 1997, Sven Rudolph wrote:

> (Please check whether you answer really belongs to both mailing lists.)
> My ideas on boot-floppies' future:
(plenty of good stuff deleted ;)

I would add an additional idea:

* separate the "install" session from the "configuration" session.
IMHO a system install should be done by asking almost no question (except 
HD partitioning, and install media) in 10 minutes. All the configuration 
questions should IMHO be asked AFTER the installation.

Just think about it: consider Windows95, OS/2, AIX, MacOS, Linux.
Linux is the only one to ask "what's your DNS IP addr?, etc..." in the middle
of the installation.

The changes from the current floppy set would require to remove most 
questions from the install procedure, and after the first reboot say "Do 
you want to customize your system now?" before to start dselect.

The avantage may sound very slight, but after talking with newbie linux 
users who have made a Debian install alone, almost all of them suggested 
this kind of change.

NB: I'm willing to help making those changes if everyone agree.


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