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Re: Tri-Linux's discription

Shaya Potter wrote:
> I think one thing we need to seriously work on for Debian 2.0, is our
> reputation.  It seems we  have a reputation for being hard to install,
> even though, IMO, 1.3 was very easy to install.

As part of maintaining the web pages, and updating all the vendor
entries, I have been checking out many of the vendors pages.
Shaya is quite correct that we are being portrayed as being inferior
to RH and Slackware on some sites. Considering the number of people switching
away from Slackware, I find this quite annoying.

In addition, I get the feeling that some of the distributors don't take
us as seriously. For example, Linux Systems Labs, the makers of Tri-linux,
don't even sell a Debian-only CD.

We need to have a person who is a liaison between us and the vendors
so they can be approached by a single, responsible person with our

- Sue

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