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Re: Re^4: Status of Debian Policy

>>>>> "MB" == Marco Budde <Marco.Budde@hqsys.antar.com> writes:

    MZ: I don't know any good browser for HTML, that's the main
    MZ: problem of HTML documentation.

    MB: Your're kidding ;-)? There're several really great HTML
    MB: browsers like netscape, lynx etc.


Problems with netscape:
- It's non-free.
- It's buggy.
- It's big.
- It can't run on text console.
- It has only very limited searching and navigation facilities.
(Netscape is crippelware IMHO.)

Problems with HTML/lynx for any user:
- Limited possibilities of handling gzip files (typing xxx.html
  doesn't find xxx.html.gz) => problems with links (may be solvable by
  CGI skript => overhead on my notebook with only 8~MB RAM).
- Limited searching facilities (general problem of HTML).
- No indices, quick menu selection (see Emacs info documentation).
- No highlighting/coloring?  (I'm not sure.)

Problems with HTML/lynx for Emacs users (they're many I think, so
don't forget them, please):
- How to do cut & past easily.
- Incompatible key bindings.
- No direct access to documentation (like word-help).
- Yet another window/console.
(w3-el is not solution -- it's very slow.)


I can see no reason for *dropping* info.

Milan Zamazal

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