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Re: Sub-categorizing the /usr/doc directory.

> > >  I think it would be good to divide the "/usr/doc" directory into sub
> > > directories.  It should be divided in the same as the Debian ftp site,
> > > and packages should put their documentation into the same slot as the
> > > one they got ftp'd from.
> > >
> > >  The directory is very large when you have a lot of packages
> > > installed, and it takes a lot of processing to open it with a file
> > > manager, web browser, or dired.
> >
> > I completly agree. I have 434 items in /usr/doc, and that's too many.
> > Splitting it up by package section is a very good idea.
> second. a directory has to many items in it, if they don't fit on a
> 80x25 screen with ls. and /usr/doc has far too many items.

I disagree.  Why is this necessary?  From a functional point of view,
it's an arbitrary choice made by the maintainer.  This makes it more
difficult for the user to find it.  Maintainers don't chose what section
their package goes in -- they only recommend.  It's decided by the ftp
site maintainer (Guy).  Besides which, I don't remember which section
I got a specific package from.  Was xgalaga in X11 or games?

>From a "use" point of view, the user knows what package documentation
he's looking for when going into /usr/doc, so why does a large directory
make any difference?

Let's leave it the way it is.  Splitting it will only make things more
difficult for users.

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