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Re: Some new package proposals!

In article <199706281923.OAA26519@bofh.me.umn.edu>,
	kaszeta@me.umn.edu (Richard Kaszeta) writes:
>>Above all i'd like to officially provide my own original package
>>"equivs-1.0.3", which is a dummy package used to circumvent dpkg's
>>sometimes completely undesired dependency complaints. 
> I'd be interested in this, because I already have a similar situation
> that is getting worse all the time---to minimize administration
> overhead I use the same files for Latex2html, teTeX, and others on
> both my debian and non-debian (non-Linux even) systems.
Please feel free to download and test the sources from our institute's
FTP site "ftp://ietpd1.sowi.uni-mainz.de/pub/debian/unofficial/"; until
i undertake the necessary steps to register as a Debian developer.
Anyway i'd like to hear some more comments and critizism about the
rest of my proposals before i start any further actions.

                                              Thank you, P. *8^)
   Paul Seelig                         pseelig@goofy.zdv.uni-mainz.de
   African Music Archive - Institute for Ethnology and Africa Studies
   Johannes Gutenberg-University   -  Forum 6  -  55099 Mainz/Germany
   My Homepage in the WWW at the URL http://www.uni-mainz.de/~pseelig 

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