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Re: svgalib-dummy again

> > dpkg's current dependency mechanism doesn't allow it to be a
> > substitute for svgalib, because that is a shared lib and so all
> > dependencies on it are versioned dependencies (coming from the .shlibs
> > file).
> Well, more to the point: when package foo "Depends" on a particular version
> of package bar, dpkg ignores all packages that provides: bar.
> (It'll only look at the exact package bar, and it's version).

Clear. What I meant with "because it's a shared lib" is that usually
all dependencies on a shlib are versioned dependencies, because they
come from the .shlibs file.

> Well, it isn't the library stuff that goes wrong, it's the specific
> versions that cause dpkg to ignore the Provides: packages.

That's what I'm saying, isn't it?

> Only if the *dpending* packages depends: on a particular version of
> the shared lib package. Usually, this isn't the case (the soname of
> the library is encoded in the package name, so a package could just
> depends: "libfoo272", with 272 the soname of libfoo. But yes, with
> the current shlibs files, they will always depend on a particular
> version of the library, and it will always go wrong.

Yup, that's it. AFAICR, the (>= x.y.z) there has been introduced to
avoid that people use too-old shlibs at runtime, which is basically a
good thing.

> Well, this at least woudn't hurt, I guess. Unless anyone objects
> against this, I'll add this to the svgalib1g I'll upload
> tonight/tomorrow.

That would be fine! Would at least fix the problem for packages that
are recompiled with the new glibc version of svgalib.

> They have to be rebuilt for libc6 anyway. So that's no problem.

You're right here.

> I strongly prefer method 1. I really think dpkg should be improved,

Me too...

> but as that doesn't seem to happen any time soon, I don't think
> method 2 will hurt in the mean time.

Ok. Any other opinions?


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