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Re: Use of suidmanager

On Jun 23, Michael Meskes wrote
> Could anyone please tell me the advantages of suidmanager as it is right
> now? 

it's useless, because not all packages use it. 

> I can see the usefullness of a tool like that, but I wonder if there
> should be a daily test run to make sure no other file are suid. Or is
> this dones elsewhere?

if all packages were using it, we could check the checksecurity list
against the suid.conf, and every admin could be sure, that only programs
listed in suid.conf are suid.

> Also why are there file in /etc/suid.conf that are not suid at all:
> debmake /usr/bin/build root root 755
> debmake /usr/bin/debpkg root root 755

because these a potential suid programs. some people have them suid (ok,
i prefer to use sudo to start these programs), so they are listed. i
don't know, if this makes sence or not. do i have to add such lines to
suid.conf for programs, that might be suid, but are not shipped as suid
in my default isdn configuration ?

> I'd like to know more about this (and other) security related packages.

the other package i know is checksecurity, a script ...

regards, andreas

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