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Re: Simple policy question...

chudon@ee.mcgill.ca (Christian Hudon)  wrote on 14.06.97 in <19970614234838.48997@pianocktail.org>:

> On Jun 13, Sam Ockman wrote
> > Okay, so say some random person who has installed Debian wants XEmacs
> > 19.15 because he needs some feature.  This seems like a reasonable
> > request...  He could get it from the Hamm distribution, except that would
> > mean he'd need libc6...and he doesn't want to do that, because he's heard
> > that it will affect the stability of his system.
> The only problem with a mixed libc5/libc6 environment is utmp/wtmp
> corruption. (They use different formats.) It certainly doesn't make the

It looks as if they also have incompatible locale support, which makes  
this rather ugly for anyone using locale support.

For example, after installing libc6 and friends, _every_ time perl starts,  
it gives about a dozen lines of error messages about this.

MfG Kai

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