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Re: Status of Debian Policy

rlb@cs.utexas.edu (Rob Browning)  wrote on 23.06.97 in <87pvtd70ua.fsf_-_@nevermore.csres.utexas.edu>:

> Ricardas Cepas <rch@pub.osf.lt> writes:
> >         As of current documentation, you can search only current
> > .html file. This is not very usefull.
> >         Lynx ( on non-gzipped docs) is much slower then info ( on
> > gzipped).
> Oh, right I forgot to add "recursive" to my previous comment about
> searching.  To revise: any documentation tool that doesn't support
> incremental, recursive, and regular expression searches is not
> acceptable IMO.  As far as I know, that leaves out most html browsers
> at the moment.

Well, not if your tool can (either directly or via a server) run cgi  
scripts. You can implement searching that way.

MfG Kai

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