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Re: Policy wrt mail lockfile (section 4.3)

Christian Schwarz wrote:

>AFAIK, there is at least one safe way to lock a file over NFS. The
>procedure is partially explained in the open(2) man page and is also
>implemented, for example, in your "publib" library. 

I've dug deeper into the NFS protocol (RFC 1057 and RFC 1094) than is
good for me :-) and I don't think there is such a thing for NFS over UDP
without a lockd, which Linux doesn't have.

The problem is that any NFS request (CREATE, LINK, ...) can get lost, and
its ack can get lost, too.  Let's take a CREATE request.  If no ack comes
back, there are several cases the client can't tell apart:

a) Server never got the request.

b) Server got the request, but the lockfile already existed
  (status = NFSERR_EXIST), and the reply got lost

c) Server got the request, and created the lockfile (status = NFS_OK),
   but the reply got lost.

If the client retries and gets status=NFSERR_EXIST after not hearing
anything from the server, what should it assume that b) or c) happened

Yes, the server can do xid caching to a certain extent, but the
client can't rely on that.

If the protocol in the publib library has a way to get around that
problem, I'd be interesting in learning more about it (and, possibly,
dreaming up cases in which it might fail :-)
Thomas Koenig, Thomas.Koenig@ciw.uni-karlsruhe.de, ig25@dkauni2.bitnet.
The joy of engineering is to find a straight line on a double
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