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Re: Uploaded ppp 2.2.0f-26 (source i386) to master


Since discussing this in private resulted in me doing something stupid,
I'll Cc: this to the list (all comments welcome).

clameter@miriam.fuller.edu said:
> pppd is not just a dialout tool but also used to allow dialin. The
> group dip has been designed for that purpose (dialup ip).
> A user might be a member of the dip group and thus allowed dialin
> access but he is not allowed to initiate an outgoing connection and
> thus not a member of dialout. That scheme will not work anymore with
> your setup. 

I agree with this.

  you said that the documentation refers to dialout, rather than dip.
  Please submit a bug report.

In the mean time 2.2.0f-27 will be the same thing as 2.2.0f-25 (i.e. with pppd 
belonging to dip), unless someone comes up with a good reason for this not 
being the case.

> I would also
> suggest to disable IPX by default. Dialin users could be surprised to
> have access to corporate LAN resources. Negotiation with a Win95
> client gets much more complex with IPX enabled. Similar issues are
> valid for dialout.
> It is customary to expect TCP/IP connectivity from Unix boxes but
> Novell Networking is something optional not regular.

Absolutely --- The default /etc/ppp/options file disables IPX.

Are you saying that this is not enough, and the user should have to recompile 
pppd to get the IPX functionality?

How about if I make the default for IPX to be off in the executable ?

I think that people should be able to do this easily if they want,
since it means that Debian can do everything that NT RAS can do.

Cheers, Phil.

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