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Re: Use of suidmanager

On Jun 25, Peter Tobias wrote
> If every package has to use it why not add this function to dpkg?
> dpkg already keeps a file with the contents of each packet. This
> could be extended to keep the permissions too. Or create a database
> with contains every filename (just like "locate") and the permissions
> of every file. We would only need an override file in /etc and maybe
> some small tools (checkperms etc.).

i like the idea of extending dpkg. but why create a new way, if there
is good one. if dpkg would handle /etc/suid.conf, it would do the job.

btw : for programs, it's enought to compare /etc/suid.conf against the
list of suid files by checksecurity. but it doesn't help with devices.

regards, andreas

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