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Re: RfD: Debian is not randomly installing services

On Jun 28, Christian Schwarz wrote
: On Sat, 28 Jun 1997, Martin Schulze wrote:
: But I thought most people already complain, that there are too many
: questions in the installer scripts (postinst).
: What do the others think about this?

If the questions aren't of _vitally_ interest for the install process,
they could be postponed.  As well as all more or less important messages
during the configuration process.  It's often a bit too fast as these
messages scroll off the screen.

I'd like to have an (almost) ``unattended'' installation process.
Probably by having an option to d*whatever, saying that I don't like any
changes on config files and that I'd like to have no further changes 
(a la the various *config scripts) done.   

As a result of such (or of every) install/update I'd like to have
a directory with all the ``unsupressable'' messages in.  These 
messages should be there _only_ if _really_ neccessary.  And they should
point to the steps to enable services/configure (like `smailconfig'
and the like) etc, just like the current
scrolling ones do.

Ok, we should consider, that this could break our dependence scheme,
it makes it possible to misconfigure package A and to have package B
installed, that depends on A and it's proper configuration.

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