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Possible Xaw{3d,95} bug / Re: Debian freeciv bugs

After extensive testing, some code rewriting, etc., I finally have
determined that this problem only occurs when using Xaw3d or Xaw95.  I
am CCing this message to the relevant maintainers.  (Xaw maintainers:
package freeciv-1.0j that is in hamm causes coredump under Xaw3d and
Xaw95 but not the standard widget set).

I don't know which package is causing this...

krs@cortex.caos.aamu.edu (Karl Sackett) writes:

> John Goerzen writes:
> > 
> > Well, I don't know if the new server coredumps.  But the new client
> > coredumps every time I load it.
> > 
> I'll have to punt on this one.  Send a copy of the core dump to the 
> FreeCiv team at allan@daimi.aau.dk.  I've never had any coredumping
> when I've test the package, so I don't know where to start looking for
> your problem.
> I got a reply back from them on your "Rock Band" problem.  They'll
> work on it.
> -- 
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