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Re: routing question

On Thu, 19 Jun 1997, Heiko Schlittermann wrote:

> : I seem to get caught in a routing loop at fngw-T3-prolog.NEREP.NET when I
> : try the second and third command, and it looks to me like that router is
> : misconfigured.  The ISP claims that traceroute (and ping) won't work until
> : DNS is ready. 
> Nonsens.  May be they work slower, but they work.  And you can always
> use ``-n'' to traceroute w/o name resolving.  DNS is completely
> unrelated to routing.

That's what I thought.  Now they tell me that their routers (which pass
routing info via rip) can tell the presence of hosts on the other side of
my Linux router, which is using static routes, and that's the reason that
they claim I can't even get into their network.

> : I also can't seem to get out of the intranet via the Linux diald machine.
> : I'm testing stuff using tracert under WinNT, and getting *'s.  Here's the
> : output of route (I've tried cleaning it up manually, but it still doesn't
> : route):
> : 
> : Kernel IP routing table
> : Destination     Gateway         Genmask         Flags Metric Ref    Use Iface
> : cs10.mil.ptd.ne *      UH    0      0        1 ppp0
> ~~~~~~~~ what is this route for?  I'd assume, the default below
>          is it really necessary for diald?
> : cs10.mil.ptd.ne *      UH    1      0        0 sl0
> ~~~~~~~~~ this should suffice, additional to the default entry below.
> If it's the host on the other end, your ISP.

This is the way that diald seems to want to work.

> : I have created some accounts for generic testing.  If any of are brave
> : enough to take a snoop on the actual machine, let me know and I'll "let
> : you in."
> ... yep, but how could we reach your host? (the modem) is an accessible host.  This weekend I'll be
building a 486/25 to be, which probably won't be available
to the internet until I get the routing right, but you could telnet to and then telnet to, and then do whatever
testing/snooping came to mind.



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