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Re: thread support

On Jun 14, Rob Browning wrote
> Andy Mortimer <andy.mortimer@poboxes.com> writes:
> > Although how well this interacts with dynamically-loaded shared libraries
> > is anyone's guess;
> What do you mean?

I'm using libdl, to allow me to dynamically add and remove modules as I
go. But I don't really know enough about the implementation of threads
(or libdl!) to know how they're going to interact. I shall write a few
test progs probably today or tomorrow, but the basic question I want to
answer is: if I open a library in one thread, is it then always
accessible to all threads (presumably), and what happens to any global
variables in that library?

> > I suspect I may have to go the global-variable route myself, which
> > is why I was asking for examples/docs.

[snip example]
> See "man pthread_mutex_init" and other pthread_* man pages in
> libc6-doc.

Thankyou muchly; that should get me started!


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