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Re: Proposed new virtual package: zcode-interpreter (long)

In article <199706121907.UAA06880@ash.ukc.ac.uk>,
	Charles Briscoe-Smith <cpb4@ukc.ac.uk> writes:

> I've been putting together a few packages of Z-code stuff, following my
> previous posting, and want to use a virtual package,
> `zcode-interpreter'...  I'd like to put the appropriate man-page before
> you all for approval.  (It describes the use of the virtual package,
> among other things.)

I've packaged inform (the compiler), and an interpreter xzip (which uses
Charles' scripts).

> I haven't got a master account yet, so I can't upload them, but the

Nor have I, despite having applied for one (with a signed key) nearly three
weeks ago. :(

My packages are on ftp://mnb20.pet.cam.ac.uk/pub/debian

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