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[no subject] Re: "%pon" can't connect (with syslog ) "Debian Way": libapache-mod-ssl & i586-optimized libssl "formatting" / mounting file systems "mcop warning" on starting tuxpaint "Missing character set" "What satisfies this dependancy?" "while this kernel is version" error message $DISPLAY '%Pon' can't connect 'D' processes on a healthy system? (fwd) Re: samba: cannot auto umount CD-ROM (LONG) SOLVED (Mostly): Samba, PAM, Authentication off an NT Domain (newbie) hostname, workgroup (SOLVED) Re: woody and X on a Sun UltraSparc 1 Creator *solved* Re: Error: inetd[597]: auth/tcp: bind: Address already in use .Xresources file .xsession & wdm /etc/dhcpc/dhcpcd-eth0.exe /etc/fstab OR harddrive crash /etc/init.d/omniorb 10MB lost per CD multi-session? 2 internet link problem on Linux router 2 Problems Quake3 and Bind9 2.4.18 to 2.4.19/20 locks up 2.5.50 kernel compilation problem 2.5.50 on Woody 20GB on an old P75 3.0r1 isos -- where? 302 Moved temporarily 3dforce name in xfree86 783/tcp hp-alarm-mgr 802.11b : installation question (2) Re:<ALS4000 sound card : setting> DONE <AUTO> {Getty#178-597}Have a humour Christmas <img src="-http://ippath/photo.jpg"> not work, plese help Re: <img src="http://<staticip>/file"> work but"> not work Re: <img src="http://ippath/photo.jpg"> not work, <img src="my web address/photo.jpg"> not work Re: <img src='-http://ippath/photo.jpg'> not work, plese help Re: <img src='my web address/photo.jpg'> not work 유류비 30% 절감 획기적인 소식 «õ¤«»P¬D¤ô Norton AntiVirus detectó un Virus en el Archivo Enviado [ANN] Best and Worst Development Practices -- Training in NYC and DC Re: [debian-user] kde3 widget themes gone Re: [debian-user] micq: show asia characters? [Fwd: Re: <img src="http://ippath/photo.jpg"> not work,] [Fwd: Subject: Re: NVidia Riva TNT PCI with XFree86 From: Wim De Smet <> Date: Mon, 9 Dec 2002 16:52:01 +0100 To:] [Moderately OT] Compiler Optimisation (was Re: intel 7.0 compilers) [OT] $120 disk drives?? [OT] Apache behind Linksys Cable Router [OT] beep after mucking around inside box [OT] Best MP3 player used with Debian Re: [OT] dhcp setup [OT] Fried motherboard Re: [OT] latex, pdflatex and graphics formats [OT] Perl pattern matching [OT] php/cgi scripts for websites [OT] Procmail/metamail assistance [OT] PSPICE-Spice Model Converter [OT] Remember when hard disk sizes were in MiB? [OT] spam advice [OT] USB -> serial converters [OT] What AMD Motherboard to buy + Linux Support [OT] Why /etc? [OT] Zaurus Re: [OT]: is this crap? -> wininformant headline "Most InsecureOS? Yep, It's Linux" [PCI-USB card] drivers [plug] dhcp fails on boot, pump works later Re: [Quotas] Freespace [REPOST] Only minmal modules loaded with usermin? [ Re: Fw: Ga. Visit.] RE: [SLUG] Problems configuring woody for cable [solved] aptitude segfaults Re: [solved] Cannon USB Cammera Re: [solved] kppp password problem [SOLVED] Re: Bootable CD w/X-CD-Roast: mkisofs error [SOLVED] Re: Sometimes getting sound fine under woody, but not with xine RE: [Solved] SMTP standards : needs outgoing SMTP server be MX fo r my domain? Re: [solved] volume controller Re: [Solved] Woddy and ATI Radeon 7500 [solved]Re: cryptoloop as user? Re: [users@httpd] <img src="my web address/photo.jpg"> not work Re: [users@httpd] could we use c replace perl in cgi program? Re: [users@httpd] is resolve fail httpd:// to http://<staticip> is belong to webserver? Re: [users@httpd] RE: access website or webpage not work Re: [users@httpd] Re: what is perl 's syntax Re: [Very OT] What [OT] stands for? ^G beeps also come out my fancy speakers About the drivers for acx100 chip(TI) about web link access website or webpage not work ACCK! Disk crash ACPI and sleep mode acpi+2.4.20? Acrobat Reader as mozilla plugin acroread and anti-aliased text Re: acroread and anti-aliased text [solved] Actiontec Problem Restated Actiontec Wireless USB Adapter Problem Adding an IDE Tape-Drive (Travan4) Re: Advanced procmail question after change action for test, website can not access, please help after install and remove norton security in xp, the site can not be access even in linux platform, please help after install mod_perl, still can not work well after recent update, upgrade, in unstable, boot deadlock in pppd after upgrade to 2.4.10, it mop out my x and pppoe After upgrade to testing, ?zinf problem after upgrade, gnome not allowed login, and other Agghh! hostname in Woody install agpgart agpgart & nvagp Agpgart, VIA motherboard and ATI RAGE PRO 1X/2X video card. Alan Cox patches [probably stupid question] alien and rpm Alpha installation ALS4000 sound card : setting ALSA module snd-detect missing Re: ALSA module snd-detect missing (not found; but issue now moot) ALSA working with 2.5.52 and latest module-init-tools? Re: Alternative to jdiskusage and xdiskusage? am I a sitting duck for fetchmail hole because can't upgrade? amavis anti-virus add-ons amavis antivirus packages analog: user-agent stats And macros Another Perti idea Answers to your questions about W3C patent policy Anti-aliasing Anyone with working postfix smtp-auth? AOL "art" files APACHE -SSl + PHP + DB2 suppport? Apache 2 * PHP 4 apache and apache-ssl Apache config Apache dies after logrotate apache log question Apache proxy for multiple hosts Apache SSL, self-signed certs, Mac Explorer 5 problem apache-ssl + squirrelmail Apache-ssl .htaccess files apache2-common (testing) Apache: mod_bandwidth apcupsd 3.8.5 with Debian & Back-UPS CS 350 apm APM / PCMCIA conflict. Re: apm it works .... but .... The last update was on 10:59 GMT Mon Jul 08. There are 5421 messages. Page 1 of 11.

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