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Re: <img src="http://<staticip>/file"> work but http://www.domain.com/file"> not work

Thomas Braun wrote:
eric lin wrote:

Dear advancers:

  Do you know why in the html code to show photo by
<img src=" or jpg"> work but
<img src="http://www.domain.com/photo.gif or jpg"> not work?

Do you  can resolve www.domain.com on the computer?

cu thomas

  highly appreciate your help

you mean www. or static put that in URL of browser it all work,
you mean configure named or ipv6 or bind and run them? No, although in boot time I see the prompt debian or progeny make it run , so setting is default(and I do not know what kind config they are)

I ever email register, but I think I had better solve it by myself in linux box.

Sincere Eric
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