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.xsession & wdm


I'm having problems with my .xsession file. The situation is as
follows: there are two users on my system. They both login with
wdm, and they have an identical .xsession file in their home-
directories. It looks like this:

xset m 3 1
xscreensaver &
exec fluxbox

The two files are chmodded to 644, and are owned by the respective
users. Nonetheless, the .xsession seems to have no influence on the
login of one of the two users, which happens to be me. The other
gets his changed mouse speed, and xscreensaver starts without any
problem, but when *I* login, top shows no xscreensaver, and the
mouse moves slow as usual.

I can't think of any reason for this behaviour. It's quite
frustrating. What am I doing wrong?


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