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After upgrade to testing, ?zinf problem

I just dist-upgraded from woody->testing tonight. After the upgrade, I
tried to test things out to ensure nothing was broken, and when I got to
testing sound, tried to play an ogg file with freeamp - which just
didn't work right. I also could not get ogg123 to work, since it
demanded libvorbisfile.so.0, and after the upgrade I only seem to have
libvorbisfile.so.3. (Note: I couldn't guarantee ogg123 worked before the
upgrade, since I never tried it as freeamp always worked so well).

A bit of looking around let me to conclude that freeamp is superceded by
zinf in testing, so I tried:
apt-get remove freeamp
apt-get install zinf

zinf works, in the sense of playing the files. However, when I open the
equalizer and try the balance control to shift from centerline to
playing only on the left or right speaker, only the left plays - and
after using the balance control, there is no sound at all until I adjust
the sound level control.

I don't remember seeing this problem at all with freeamp, and I also
note that sound is fine with KDE generated sounds (such as when you log
in from kdm) - so the sound stuff seems to work ok (as it should,
really, since I did not change the kernel or modules).

Is this a zinf bug - or is something misconfigured? And, is ogg123 still
supposed to work,and if so, why didn't it upgrade to understand the
appropriate libraries that I have? (oh, btw, 
/usr/lib/libvorbisfile.so.3 is a symlink created tonight at the time I
did the dist-upgrade, so I assume this is an upgraded version or a new


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