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Re: 2.5.50 on Woody

On Tue, Dec 17, 2002 at 08:31:22AM +0700, arief_mulya wrote:
> Dear All,

Welcome to debian.

> A happy dummy newby here,
> 1. This newbie install woody.
> 2. This newbie download linux-2.5.50.tar.gz

Wow, not too fast.  Have you compiled 2.5 series?

Other than geek bragging purpose, why you are doing this.

> 3. This newbie untar it and compile it with make-kpkg
> 4. This newbie get Install succeed but need manual hack

You are good.

> 5. This newbie restart and try the new kernel
> 6. This newbie gets lots of modules dependency error

Do you need thise modules.

> 7. This newbie unplug and replug the powercord

What... did you do "shutdown -h now"?

You must be kidding.  If you can compile 2.5, I hope you did it nicely.
Or did you ave some APM/ACPI issues?

> 8. This newbie start again
> 9. This newbie thinks probably needs manual make
> 10. This newbie do mrproper and manual make series
> 11. This newbie do depmod with some parameters
> 12. This newbie tried again
> 13. This newbie still can't use anything
> 14. This newbie now send you this email

Anyway, if you try successful compile with 2.4 kernel you can go ahead
with 2.5.  But I recommend to get upgrade to testing/unstable for
development tool (at least in chroot) so you can compile newer kernel.

> Please help this happy dummy newby.

The best help maybe telling you to use 2.4.20 kernel :)

I hope you know that Debian comes with 2.4 recompiled kernels.


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