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Re: 2 Problems Quake3 and Bind9

On Thu, Dec 19, 2002 at 01:42:43PM -0600, Jason Jorgensen wrote:
> Bind9 first. I am getting these messages in my logs:
> Dec 19 11:26:36 pub1 named[6093]: lame server resolving 
> 'mail.jensys.com.tw' (in 'mail.jensys.com.tw'?):
> So clearly its resolving the name to, but it wont respond 
> with that to the client, as the end DNS server is not responding 
> authoritatively. However I tried the same lookup with an older Bind8 
> server and it responded.
> Bind9 Response:
> root@pub1 /var/spool> host mail.jensys.com.tw
> Host mail.jensys.com.tw not found: 2(SERVFAIL)
> Bind8 Response:
> root@guru /var/swww/q3admin> host mail.jensys.com.tw
> mail.jensys.com.tw      A
> How do I tell Bind9 to respond with the IP address even if the DNS 
> server is 'lame'?
> Now, the more important question!
> Quake3. I recently upgraded my Debian unstable workstation and now all 
> of a sudden my Quake3 for linux wont respond to my mouse movements. The 
> mouse buttons register fine inside the game, but I can not move or turn 
> with the mouse. I just got a logitech MX300 and I want to Quake from my 
> favorite OS! dang it!

Have you enabled mouselook?

> Is there a device quake3 uses that maybe devfs screwed up? (blindly 
> groping for some clues)

I doubt it...Q3 would get your mouse movements from X, which is
presumably looking at the right place...

> Also after the same upgrade mplayer now crashes during playback, and 
> konsole crashes during load. But the strange thing about that is that 
> KDE starts a konsole session when it starts up, as I eneded a session 
> with one open. But I cannot launch another.
> I know that I am running Debian unstable and should expect things like 
> this, but this is weird!

That is weird.  Since both mplayer and KDE3 are *not* in Debian, you'll
have to personally bug the maintainers about it :-)


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