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Re: after install and remove norton security in xp, the site can not be access even in linux platform, please help

also sprach eric <fsshl@centurytel.net> [2002.12.05.1723 +0100]:
>  After I install norton security in my xp machine, my ie6 can not 
> access the site I originally can access, then I immediately remove it, 
> then try again, I still can not access that site

you are doing good in not using this crap anymore. let's help you get
it working in Linux...

> so I change machine to linux,-netscape7 , try again, I still can not 
> access that site which can be access by both platform before i install 
> Norton software.

let me get this straight - you installed Norton, then installed Debian
over WinXP? or are you dual booting? 

in either case, you should be able to get at the site. can you tell us
the following:

  - the site you are trying to access
  - the output of the following commands:
      * /sbin/ifconfig -a
      * /sbin/route -n
      * /bin/cat /etc/resolv.conf
      * ping -nc1

don't give up! and don't go back to windows. we are here to help.

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