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2 Problems Quake3 and Bind9

Bind9 first. I am getting these messages in my logs:
Dec 19 11:26:36 pub1 named[6093]: lame server resolving 'mail.jensys.com.tw' (in 'mail.jensys.com.tw'?): So clearly its resolving the name to, but it wont respond with that to the client, as the end DNS server is not responding authoritatively. However I tried the same lookup with an older Bind8 server and it responded.

Bind9 Response:
root@pub1 /var/spool> host mail.jensys.com.tw
Host mail.jensys.com.tw not found: 2(SERVFAIL)

Bind8 Response:
root@guru /var/swww/q3admin> host mail.jensys.com.tw
mail.jensys.com.tw      A

How do I tell Bind9 to respond with the IP address even if the DNS server is 'lame'?

Now, the more important question!
Quake3. I recently upgraded my Debian unstable workstation and now all of a sudden my Quake3 for linux wont respond to my mouse movements. The mouse buttons register fine inside the game, but I can not move or turn with the mouse. I just got a logitech MX300 and I want to Quake from my favorite OS! dang it!

X 4.2.1
KDE 3.0.5
nvidia 4191 (or something)

Is there a device quake3 uses that maybe devfs screwed up? (blindly groping for some clues)

Also after the same upgrade mplayer now crashes during playback, and konsole crashes during load. But the strange thing about that is that KDE starts a konsole session when it starts up, as I eneded a session with one open. But I cannot launch another.

I know that I am running Debian unstable and should expect things like this, but this is weird!

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