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Re: apm it works .... but ....

Many thanks for the info ........

After having a read and got my apm to work by ....

 [*] Power Management support
            [ ]   ACPI support
            <*>   Advanced Power Management BIOS support
            [ ]     Ignore USER SUSPEND
            [ ]     Enable PM at boot time
            [ ]     Make CPU Idle calls when idle
            [ ]     Enable console blanking using APM
            [ ]     RTC stores time in GMT
            [ ]     Allow interrupts during APM BIOS calls
            [ ]     Use real mode APM BIOS call to power off

and adding to LILO ..
append="apm=on apm=power-off"

It all works AOK, switches off wonderfully !!


If possible I would like to set this up so I dont have to 
append="apm=on apm=power-off"
in LILO,

I compiled APM as a module,
removed, append " ...." from LILO
apm on power-off
into /etc/modules

and ta ta .. it failed !!!

also tried ..
apm power-off=1

ta ta   .. it failed !!!
Any ideas ??

If not I am still a happy bunney with the LILO solution.

Many thanks

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