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Agghh! hostname in Woody install


I've been running Redhat 7.3, and I'm trying to install Woody instead.

I have 7 CDs labeled "Woody Binaries v3.0r0 i386" a friend burned for

I boot on CD 1, and install, use tselect to pick X86, GUI desktop, and a
few other tasks.  The installation proceeds, reboots, I get a GUI.

I've been through the install several times, I fill in the name of my
machine when asked during the install, but it never shows up.  There is
never a 'hosts' file in /etc, although there are 'hosts.allow' and
'hosts.deny' files (apparently set up in response to leafnode

I am installing entirely from the CDs.  I have a cable modem, but it's
not connected as I need to install the software before I can configure
the firewall and tripwire to connect up safely.

Does anyone have any idea why I can't get a hostname installed?  I've
tried creating the 'hosts' file, but it doesn't get used.

What gives?  I can't proceed until this is resolved.

Thanks in advance,

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