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Apache config

Title: Apache config

Hi List,

I'd like a little help on apache configuration.
At the moment my webserver is working fine.


No problem to access it

But I have quite a few application running in /usr/share/appz
At the moment I'm doing a symbolic link to resolve the problem
Ln -s /usr/share/my_app app

But in the http.conf I have
Include /etc/horde2/apache.conf for example

With the directive in /etc/horde2/apache.conf

Alias /horde2 /usr/share/horde2
<Directory /usr/share/horde2>
Options FollowSymLinks
AllowOverride None
order allow,deny
allow from all
<IfModule mod_php4.c>
  php_flag magic_quotes_gpc Off
  php_flag track_vars On
  php_value session.save_path "/var/state/horde2"
  php_value include_path .:/etc/horde2:/usr/share/pear:/usr/share/horde2

I'd like to know how to use this.
For example I'd like to access horde2 with https://myserver/horde2
How can I do ?

Although symbolic links work I'm not sure good in terms of security, am I right ?

Thanx for help

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