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Re: [OT] Remember when hard disk sizes were in MiB?

On 11 Dec 2002, Kirk Strauser wrote:

> At 2002-12-11T17:34:21Z, Mike Dresser <mdresser_l@windsormachine.com> writes:
> > If i remember right, the TS1000 had 2kb of ram, as compared to the 1kb in
> > the ZX81.
> You're right, of course.  I had a ZX81, but bought it near the end of the
> production cycle when they were including the 16KB RAM modules in the
> bundle.

Onboard, or the rampack?

I had both models of 16k rampack, the square type, and the one that went
along the back of the unit.  The long unit was much more "reliable".

In fact, that's how the contacts got ruined, glued the back of the square
pack, and didn't wait long enough before putting them together to get the
full 32k of ram.


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