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Re: [OT] Why /etc?

nthomas@cise.ufl.edu wrote:

* hiranokazunari <hrnkaz@netscape.net> [2002-12-14 11:44:42 +0900]:
But I am wondering why the host-specific configuration partition
is called /etc?
[...] It really was the "stuff that doesn't go
anywhere else" directory, hence the name /etc. At least I assume that's
how the name was devised.
I should have learnt from the history. Now I can read /etc as etcetera
from the bottom of my heart.

Note that etc directory in Unix is pronounced "ett-see", it rhymes with
the proper name Betsy. It probably can't hurt to think of it like that


That's really nice.  Now I got the exact pronunciation for /etc.
BTW Betsy is my first English paperback I read.
Loren's dream car.  Yes, it's nice to think of it like that.


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