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[OT] Fried motherboard

Hi all,

A few weeks ago my power supply died (smell of burning plastic and other
components of the power supply). I would later realise that I *used* to
have PIII system. It as a VIA chipset system with on-board audio.

I changed the power supply (to a higher wattage, power supply for Pentium
IV). I flushed the CMOS, and there is no video, however CD-ROM is spinning
and HD is spinning as well.

I am assuming motherboard is fried.

Questions are as follows:

1.) Can the processor be damaged in the process of motherboard being fried
(PIII processor)?

2.) Can any cards (ie video card) or RAM be damaged in the process?

3.) Since I am starting from scratch, what are your recommendations for the
new motherboard ( I have over 350MB of RAM for PIII, would you move down P4
alley or...)?

I learned my lesson-I need to use the safety switch in the future the hard
way... I suppose these things can happen to anybody...

What are your experiences? With Christmas coming up I will finally have
plenty of time to get this machine up and running.

Your thoughts on the above issues would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,


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