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Re: .xsession & wdm

20/12/02 08:41, Mark L. Kahnt writes:

> It is when I've been out of bed more than ten minutes - sorry. Just
> often the first problem I hear on such things. There are no stray
> non-printing characters in the file, I presume.


> If you copy it to be
> .xinitrc and do "startx -- :<first unused display>" from a console, does
> it work for you?

Yes it does...

> Would you remember which file was written first - yours
> or the other one?

Well, in fact it went like this:

* I write my .xsession-file, all works.
* I copy my .xsession-file to the other user's home-dir, all works.
* I change both the files, only the other user's file works.
* I copy the other user's file to my home-dir, to no avail; only the
  other file works.

Another thingy: when I test starting X with xdm instead of wdm, all
works well. So I'm starting to wonder if wdm reads the .xsession
file at all. But if it doesn't, why does it work with the other



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