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[OT] Best MP3 player used with Debian


I am thinking to buy a 64MN-128MB class small portable MP3 player and
going to use it as a language leaning (tape) player.  What is the best
portable MP3 player which can be used with a Debian system with USB?

I was checking Fry's (local gadget store) and their box said that some
of the MP3 players act as hard disks to the host computer system.  Are
all these USB capable MP3 players usable on Debian (Linux kernel 2.4)
like this?  Is the existence of rio package means some of them need
special command?

What is the best tool chains to convert sound information from CD to MP3
on Debian (or Patent issue prevented Debian to distribute it? I do not
see LAME.)

I was thinking to use Samba share to get files from vender provided
windows MP3 encoder software to be legitimate :) Do they include these
in MP3 plater package?

Osamu Aoki <osamu@debian.org>   Cupertino CA USA, GPG-key: A8061F32

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