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Re: [OT] What AMD Motherboard to buy + Linux Support

hi ya

using pc-100 memory wont work as nicely as a real PC-2100 or PC-2700 ddr
	besides... there may not be any slot for pc-100/pc-133

some of the mb uses nvidia for its nic/video drivers that you d/l from
nvidia directly

- lmsensor support is shaky at best .. you'd need to calibrate it
  with that motherboard to be 100% sure...
	eg  -51C is what i see from lmsensors on the P4S333 
	but bios says +45C

- played with lots o mb ... amd and p4's

- some mb boards that are known to work w/ some variation of linux
	( onboard NIC, onboard svga, onboard sound 

- sound... assuming that it works .. works good/bad with various
  players.. different quality
	 *.ra, *.mid, *.mpg, *.wav, ... 

c ya

in your budget ?? yupp +/- ...

$  50	el cheapo case
$  95	Asus A7N266-VM
$ 170	AMD XP-2200+
$  80	256MB PC-2100
$  80	40GB IDE disk ata66/100 7200rpm
------	-------------------
$ 475   in parts

lots o labor to get ir all "just right"

On Tue, 17 Dec 2002, Jonas Persson wrote:

> Hi, i am planning to upgrade my 3 year old PIII 500, 384 mb SDRAM PC100, 200 gig, ATX 300w. My geoforce 256 card got fried because of the fan stopped working on it.
> I have been looking for which new cpu to buy and i think i'll go for a AMD Athlon XP 2100+/2200+ cpu. My budget is like
> 300-400 $ for the whole thing.
> 1. The big problem i have now is that i need a motherboard supported by Linux, which shall have integrated
> 100 MBPS Lan/Sound/Geoforce2/lmsensors support. I also want the motherboard to have thermal alarm capabilities
> so that it shall shutdown the computer when it becomes to hot for the CPU. And i want to have support for lan/sound/gfx in Linux. Do you guys have any motherboard to recommend ?
> 2. Will X work with the new motherboards with integrated geoforce card, does these card perform any good for playing
> the latest games in windows. Or is it better to buy a brand new Geoforce Ti4 128 mb Mx ? I mostly play Counterstrike and other
> FPS games.
> 3. Can i use my old memory chips ? 
> 1 128 MB PC100 ,1 256 MB PC100 or do i need to go for the DDR 400 mhz memories to be able to boot the
> machine ?
> 4. Do you have any recommendations in which Cpu Fan to buy (I don't want the computer to frie up again :) and is it
> neccessary to buy chassi fans aswell when choosing a AMD processor ?
> Thanks for helping me out guys.
> /Jonas
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