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Another Perti idea


I'm Eduard Pertíñez, a Free Ideas Generator. I'm looking for a job that let me generate and investigate the ideas I have further . By the while I offer them as example of what can my brain generate, hoping someone will realise their value and want to contract me. You could be the next one.

Here I come.

While Linux use rises, the market will try to take control of the code. To do that, more and more companies are going to follow up RedHat and try to create their own incompatible version of linux, so people gets raped into their accounts.

It is clearly not the time to do that yet, so if we can help to avoid it the better. Here is where Debian have a soo strong importance. Debian is on the customer's side, so the better reminds, the better result for the customer.

Ok, I think part off this well known by most of you. And you are certanly in some cases customers. Or customerses workers. What if the bosses (those that know and understand the necessity of debian) got united. What if this group created a comercial department? I supose it wouldn't be hard to find out what big companies are playing with Debian GNU. Giving the fact that debian receives thousands of e-mails everyday and those emails have a host name, they have a list of prospects for free!!!

Now, imagine how easy would be that they called smaller companies and explaining they are destining part of their budget to maintain Debian fundation. I don't know if a boss can avoid paying if he is called by three or four of their colleges, explaining their experience and asking to do so.

I think this is possible and factible.

Hope you think about it,

Eduard Pertíñez

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