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Re: 2.5.50 on Woody

Am Mit, 2002-12-18 um 02.57 schrieb arief_mulya:
> Dear,
> >>...if you would be ready, you would not ask this question. This is a simple
> >>answer. You would now what to ask, that is a level of trouble resistancy and
> >>problem solving strategies that you should bring with you when you start
> >>playing with experimental (but essential!) software.
> > 
> > 
> > ACK
> > Don't mess around with experimental stuff (Linux XP?) without knowing
> > what you are doing.
> > 
> > To find out what you need for your kernel check its documentation. 
> > Its that simple.
> > 
> Then, When will I know what I'm doing? :-)

Good point IMO.

But be damn sure not to have *anything* important on this PC.

Development kernels *do* have bugs which can wipe out all of your data
in a second...or trash your BIOS / HD / whatnot all-together. Thats why
they are called "unstable". (yes i'm very serious) 

> Btw,
> I've checked the documentation alright, and it all match the 
>   packages I have in woody. I guess it hasn't been updated, 
> yet? Anyway, Me going to give it another try today. Wish me 
> luck :-)

I can't speak for 2.5x kernels. When i did the update to 2.3 a year or
two ago (needed a driver which wasn't in 2.2) the documentation was more
than complete in telling you what versions of programs you need to run
the kernel. I didn't have any problems getting it to work.

You should consider subscribing to the Linux Kernel Mailinglist. 
Follow the threads and you will learn a lot.


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